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Linda RourkeBoard Member

Linda Rourke was born and raised Catholic.  Linda’s career started with her working in a savings and loan institution straight from high school, where she served as a teller and then head teller, eventually moving to the accounting department.  After many years there, Linda decided to leave the savings and loan and went to work at a credit union where her more flexible hours were a real bonus for her as a single mom.  Linda enjoyed working in the banking business.

When Linda married her husband, Dennis, he at the time had a daughter; Linda had a son so, when Linda and Dennis married, they had an already made family.  They were blessed with the Grace of God to be able to adopt their daughter, Brittnee.

Before making the decision to adopt, Linda had decided to leave the banking industry and be a housewife.  After many years at home, and with her daughter then starting school, Linda went back to the credit union field.  After 13 years there, Linda found myself back at home.

After taking a Summer off, Linda found her dream job.  Linda had always wanted to work at the schools with children, and she was delighted to be hired at her local junior high school where she’s excited to be starting her sixth year in the Fall of 2019.  Linda finds the school’s kids truly amazing; what she loves the most is seeing the kids out and about and how they have grown up.  Nothing makes her smile more than hearing “Hey Mrs. Rourke” years later as they remember her.

Not only does Linda work part-time at her junior high school but she also works at home for an insurance company.  Linda credits both jobs as having given her the opportunity to help The Prodigal Father at various missions and going to churches promoting the Prodigal Father.  It brings Linda much joy to be open to what the Lord calls her to do.

Through the years Linda has had the opportunity to create and help on Cursillo and renewal teams.  She also became a certified PSR teacher, and Linda has taught many years at her Parish.  She is a Eucharistic Minister at her church. And it is with high hopes Linda wishes to someday find the right dog to become a therapy dog.

Linda says, “Not only do I have a wonderful and caring husband and three children, we also have three grandchildren.  I am learning as I go through life to be open to what doors we must go through and never stop praying for guidance.”

Tom Theado