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In this reoccurring segment, Father Michael interviews his brother priests regarding their prayer life and advice they’ve given to others looking to build a deeper relationship with God through prayer.


Praying with Priests: Fr. Bob Welsh
https://soundcloud.com/theprodigalfather-org-1/fr-bob-welsh-praying-with-priests-interview Hi, I’m Father Michael Denk, from The Prodigal Father and I am here with Father Bob Welsh who is[...]
Praying with Priests: Fr. Leo Patalinghug
  Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of Praying with Priests, with the Prodigal Father. I’m Father Michael Denk, and[...]
Praying with Priests: Fr. Fred Pausche
Hi I’m FATHER MICHAEL Denk, the associate here at St. Gabriel and I’m actually privileged to interview my pastor, Father[...]

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Are you ready to take your prayer life to a completely new level? With Fr. Michael's guidance, the following Apps provide the ultimate prayer experience.



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The Examen Prayer App

EXAMEN Prayer App

St. Ignatius said that the most important prayer, the one should never be omitted from daily prayer, is the Examen Prayer.

Do you want to grow in your prayer life?

The ingeniousness of this app is that it will remind you to pray the Examen daily and walk you through the steps, allowing you to reflect on and make changes in your life that will bring you closer to God. 

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Fr. Michael 

is Entering a Time of Discernment to Consecrated Life

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Fr. Michael is Entering a Time of Discernment to Consecrated Life
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cleveland, May 4, 2018 - Fr. Michael Denk is entering into a time of discernment to consecrated[...]
The Tree That Survived the Winter
Today, Fr. Jeremy and I were walking from the church to the rectory, and there was actually sunshine. He said[...]
Cloudy Days
Well, I’m in Cleveland right now. It’s April, and it’s snowing. It looks like it’s the middle of winter. Days[...]
Divine Mercy Sunday Assisi
Sometimes people say that they wish they could have lived at the time of Jesus because they could really see[...]
Does Hell Exist?
Well, Happy Easter everyone, and happy April Fools as well. I’m kind of excited about this right now because Fr.[...]
Good Friday Fight or Flight-Stand
As Jesus had often gathered his disciples together to pray in the garden, so we are together right now as[...]
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