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Encounter God with the Examen Prayer Program!

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The Examen Prayer App

St. Ignatius said that above all prayer, the most important prayer that we do is the Examen Prayer and he said that if we were to ever drop any prayer time from our day, this should be the last one to be dropped.

The ingeniousness of this app is that it will remind you to pray the Examen daily and walk you through the steps. If you take advantage of the journaling it will also help you to reflect on and make changes in your life that will bring you closer to God.

The Examen Video Series

Get A Taste Of What The Examen Prayer App is like and Experience God for Real!

This free program is great if you’re interested in the Examen Prayer App but aren’t sure if you’re ready for the full commitment, want to know what the program is like, or just want to take part in a wonderful program that walk you through the steps of the Examen prayer!

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help you reflect on your prayer life and bring you closer to God.

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