Father Michael Announced As One of the 2020 Speakers for the 7th Annual 22:32 Men Conference

Save the Date: Februrary, 29 2020

This annual Men’s Conference gives participants the opportunity to gain the tools needed to strengthen themselves first, so they can be the builders of faith in others.

The day will be filled with exciting and gripping speakers who will challenge participants to take a hard look at their lives and encourage them to bring our Father into our lives so He can be the presence that leads us in all we do.

Hundreds or men will gather for a day of prayer, dynamic speakers, reflection, adoration, opportunity for confessions and a final mass. Attendees will be sharing this experience with men from all walks of life and all parts of the Erie Diocese and beyond.

To learn more about the 7th annual confereence check out their website:  www.2232men.com.

A quick introduction… 

Ralph Martin is the Director of Graduate Theology Programs in New Evangelization for Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.

Fr. Michael Denk was ordained in 2007 for the nearby Diocese of Cleveland. He is the founder of Prodigal Father and focuses on helping people grow deeper in their prayer life.

Chris Padgett is a convert, speaker, musician, author, husband, and father of nine. He will be coming from Syracuse to join us for the day.

October 14-18, 2019

with Fr. Michael Denk

This will be a semi-directed retreat focused on Reconnecting with God through the Examen Prayer. Please note: due to the nature of this retreat, there will be a modified schedule for this week. There will be one presentation each day to allow for the opportunity for spiritual direction and confession.

**This retreat is open to all priests in the Diocese of Orlando**

Topic: Reconnect with God through the Examen Prayer

St. Ignatius said that if we were ever to drop any of our daily prayers because of business, tiredness, or any other reason, the Examen Prayer should be the last to go. It is that helpful!

The Examen prayer assists us to remain connected to God throughout our day and perhaps even more urgently helps us realize when we have become disconnected with God and gives us a way to reconnect. This five-day retreat will consist of daily sessions illustrating the five steps of the Examen Prayer: Gratitude, Petition, Discernment, Forgiveness, and Resolution.

With each step, priests will have the opportunity to review their life, priesthood, and their current relationship with God, their Father. Fr. Michael will illustrate each step with inspiring, funny, and entertaining stories from his own life.

There will be opportunities for daily spiritual direction, guided meditations and journaling that will allow you to reflect on different points of your life, suggested scriptures for Holy Hours, as well as preparation for a “general confession” (Looking at your entire life and allowing God, The Father, to love you unconditionally). At the end of the retreat, you will be invited to make a personal resolution with God. You can remain always connected to God, and this retreat will help you!

Learn more and sign up for the retreat here.