Marriage Preparation

Marriage-PreparationGeneral Pre-Preparation To Do Beforehand:

1. Register at your Parish (you’re considered a parishioner of the parish that you reside in).
2. Contact the church of your baptism and have them send an “original” baptismal certificate to the priest/church that you are intending to be married at/by.  (This is like a “Transcript” it will have all of the updated info of your Sacraments along the way… it cannot be a “copy” of your original, but an updated and official certificate from the Church married directly to the priest/church).
3. Contact a priest at least six months before you want to get married.


Marriage Preparation with Fr. Michael:

  1. Set up an initial meeting with Father Michael at least six months ahead of time to “pencil in” a tentative date and fill out initial information. Call the Parish Office at (440) 988-2828 for scheduling an appointment with Fr. Michael.
  2. Meet with Fr. Michael once monthly (6 times) to review the results from the Prepare/Enrich classes, and plan the Liturgy.  Take the Prepare/Enrich online inventory at home.
  3. At the final meeting you are to bring the completed mass plans from the “Together for Life” book as well a 3 page biography. For the biography:
    • One page from both the bride and groom about your childhood / growing up.  For example: What your hobbies, interests, personality, and faith is like.
    • And a third page describing you as a couple: Anecdotes like your favorite songs, stories, movies, things to do together, hobbies, activities, how you met, what you love about each other!   The more stories, anecdotes and images that you can give me the better to make it a very personal and meaningful homily for you and your loved ones.


Other Requirements:



Catholic Wedding Planning Resources:


Family Planning Resources For Couples:

Understand Natural Family Planning.  This is the only form of family planning acceptable by the Catholic Church.  All forms of contraception are gravely sinful and may even cause abortion to occur.

Natural Family Planning is 99% effective and just as effective as the pill, condom, and other contraceptives but respects and reverences the nature and beauty of sex within marriage that is open to life.

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